5 Things You Can Do Today to Earn Extra Cash Using Your Digital Camera & Photo Printer

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There are many opportunities available to us today to earn that extra cash by simply leveraging the internet, your digital camera, a photo printer, and a little creativity. Whether you are brand new in the world of digital photo nft and the internet, or a seasoned veteran, there are many ways of making money, such as starting an online auction business, selling through online classified ads, offering services to your friends and family, include your photos into a blog, or any number of ideas that require little investment on your part.

OK lets dig in and use our imagination as to the potential opportunities available to us with a little creativity and technology!

1. Get started with an eBay online auction business. Yes, simply go about your home and see if there are any unused items around such as a tricycle, stroller, blender, or a table saw. Take a few pictures and upload your items to eBay to sell it online. You would be shocked at the number of people that began selling little items around the house, that moved on to garage sales items, and then onto larger product sourcing opportunities and today are making a very comfortable living. eBay is rather simple to get started with, and along with your camera, you can make a little extra cash for that vacation perhaps.

2. Start selling on Craigslist.org online. As with the eBay, Craigslist is an online classified listing of products and services available. And, again, you have the opportunity to sell items around the house or office and make a nice profit. But, make sure you use your digital camera and take great photos. Photos on Craigslist make all the difference in the world for searchers of your products to view and convert into customers.

3. Get started as a beginner photographer utilizing your camera and printer and offer your services to friends, co-workers and family members by taking photos at parties, events, birthdays, and charging a few dollars for great photos. With the quality of today’s printers you can easily turn a profit and offer quality work.

4. Start your own products sales using your photos and a service such as Snapfish.com Snapfish has an amazing assortment of products that you can promote. Simply take photos of your family’s major gathering such as anniversaries, graduations, or baby showers, and then upload them to Snapfish and create books, greeting cards, invitations, magnets, puzzles, stationary, and all sorts of cool products.

5. Go download a free photo editing program such as Google’s Picasa, photoscape, or Gimp.com, and transpose the photos into a wide variety of custom images that will be totally unique and one of a kind. Many today can use these programs, or even Photoshop if you can afford it, and put together a whole assortment of photos graphically pleasing. Many are taking these custom photos and even submitting them to major news agencies and print publications for inclusion into a variety of medias sources.

Now, with all the options available, and many not discussed here in this short article, the opportunities for a photo business are exploding like never before. You can sell the pictures, products, manipulate the photos into incredible works of arts and all the time get paid for having the fun of simply doing what you love to do… taking pictures.

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