Ideas For an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

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A nature scavenger hunt is a great addition to your outdoor activities for kids. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to go on a scavenger hunt? They are experiential in nature and get the kids out, moving around and exploring their surroundings.

There are several things to keep in mind when starting to prepare your outdoor scavenger hunt.

First: Pick a location that is appropriate for your group. Make sure that it is in a safe space. Make the boundaries larger for older kids and smaller for the younger ones.

Second: Decide if they will go looking for a list of objects that are already in the location such as a leaf or a pine cone or if you will be hiding objects in the playing area. You can also decide to do a combination of the two.

Third: Make your list. Examples of items found outside include: a leaf, a pebble, three types of grass, a feather, smooth bark, rough bark, a ladybug, etc. Examples of things that you can hide in the area include: a crayon, a comb, a lifesaver, a plastic cup, a book, a tube of toothpaste, salt shaker, a votive candle, etc.

Fourth: Gather together your lists and anything you might be hiding and get the site prepared. Contact any park authorities if you need permission to have the hunt ammo for sale on another organization’s property.

Fifth: Send the kids exploring on their outdoor scavenger hunt. Be sure to have enough adults present to supervise, especially if they are younger kids.

Sixth: Have prizes handy for the kids. Be sure to bring along water and a shade tent if the area is really sunny so that the kids are hydrated and not too hot.

Seventh: Always end your outdoor activities for kids with them wanting more. It’s proof that they are having fun and still engaged in the activity.

And of course, have fun with it! Use these outdoor scavenger hunt lists to supplement this guide as you create your own fun activity for kids.


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