Intimacy In Marriage: How to Rekindle Passion in Your Marriage

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Intimacy in Marriage or Resentment in Marriage? Which will it be?

When you think about your marriage to your spouse, what feelings emerge? Do you think about the feelings that you experienced when the two of you first met and fell in love together. Do you think about those challenges that the two of you successfully conquered together? Do you feel joy and excitement about your next opportunity to spend time with him or her in order to build a greater level of intimacy together? Even if you answer, “yes” to these questions, here is one more question, “Could you use a little more of these positive qualities in your marriage?”

Because many marriages at one time or another have gone through “rough patches”, we will look at the process by which a loving marriage filled with passionate intimacy can become a bitter marriage full of rivalry and resentment. Then we will talk about ways to rekindle passionate intimacy in your marriage.

Sometimes the frequency of happy experiences become more rare. Also, any strain on your relationship Touches Place in Communication caused by bitterness from past hurts and violations of trust can cause your feelings concerning your spouse to become feelings of contempt. Rekindling passion in a marriage is the key to motivating a combined effort to accomplish those measures that save a marriage.

How to Avoid Turning a Happy Marriage into a Resentful Marriage that is Headed for Divorce

For one reason or another, love feelings in a marriage relationship often drift into becoming feelings of indifference towards one another. Relationships that are not worked on in a loving commitment to one another often default to become mundane and humdrum routine.

Sooner or later, that indifference triggers your expectations of your relationship to feel disregarded. Ignoring each others emotional and physical needs can cause those personal expectations to crumble. Careless disregard for each others emotional and physical needs in a marriage can cause the other spouse to experience feelings of frustration. If frustration in a marriage is unabated through inaction of the other spouse, then absolute resentment and loathing towards that spouse may result.

If this scenario has played out in your marriage, then immediate restorative action is critical in order to prevent a greater possibility of your marriage ending in divorce. A marriage that is “dead in the water” can be turned around, restored to full strength, and brought back to happy shores. Passion for one another is the motivator that will ensure that you and your spouse will be able to successfully turn your marriage around.

The Healing Power of Passionate Love

Passionate love is the relational fuel that is needed to save many marriages. As such, I will pose a related question to you. My question to you is this: Is it easier to communicate constructively in your marriage restoration efforts if both of you have begun already to express deep and sincere affection for each other, or is it easier to work through conflict resolution without those feelings being already expressed in your efforts?

As such, the trick in allowing passion to aid in your marriage building or marriage restoration efforts is to evaluate how ready your spouse is for displays of affection from you. Accordingly, it is important to take small steps towards proving that affectionate love for your spouse.

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