Now You See it, Now You Don’t – Avoiding Coffee Shop Business Failures

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Given that you are interested in the coffee shop business, you may notice dozens of family or individual owned cafes popping up everywhere only to disappear soon afterward. Despite this common trend and warnings of doomsayers that starting a business now is not a wise decision in today’s economy and with so many shops already existing, you will still find many people still trying to make a break. Statistics show that coffee is the second highest commodity being traded in the world, next to oil. So, with those numbers it is bewildering that so many shops close soon after opening. Only a few privately owned setting up a food stall plus big franchises stay open for a long time. These private owners have discovered the secrets of staying in business longer than most. They have found out how the big franchise companies do it.

These tricks of success are infused in all areas of a business, from marketing, management, designing, training to purchasing equipment and beginning a new venture. It isn’t just one factor that will dictate your business’s future. Often times, the way you begin a business predicts how far you will take it. Veteran coffee shop owners know how to minimize their starting capital by buying equipment for less or next to nothing. Then there is the proper way to design a cafe to promote speed and efficiency. Marketing is hugely responsible for the steady flow of customers into your place. Without effective modern marketing you may end up like the old stores that just fade away. Traditional marketing techniques just won’t cut it anymore. A coffee shop business can only be competitive in today’s world if it implements up-to-date strategies, something we never learned in school a long time ago.

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