Texting Services – How to Reach Customers Effectively?

Text marketing is the buzzword today especially among small businesses because they see themselves effectively competing with the bigger players in their industry using the benefits bestowed by the texting services.

Whereas the market leaders are in a better position to promote their business through high-end advertising methods like internet or digital marketing, the new entrants need to think proactively and compete confidently using simple and easy techniques like texting services.

It would be a mistake to underestimate the value of Texting Service for Business marketing. In case you are not aware of the advantages of using this method, then take a look at the following points:

i. Texting is more direct and personal than the other advertising methods. You reach your customers on their mobile phones.

ii. The texts you send are read by your potential customers immediately and saved if they are interested in your product/service.

iii. They react fast and make an inquiry if they need any details about your business.

iv. You can effectively utilize this method for time-sensitive advertising.

v. You should make your text crisp but don’t forget to add a personal touch; your customer is within easy reach- don’t miss this opportunity.

vi. Most of the customers prefer to receive marketing offers through texts. The convenience of reading it in their leisure time is the driving force behind this trend.

vii. Try and include a link to your website in the text so that the reader can reach there in just one click and browse through your site for more information.

viii. If you are a service provider or run a charity organization, you can announce the launch of a new scheme or event through a flyer or a simple, short text.

ix. Mostly, special offers and seasonal sales are best advertised through texting service.

x. You can also program your events in the form of a calendar and text the same to your customers. This will serve as a teaser or reminder them.

In essence, you can use the texting method to effectively complement the other marketing programs you are already participating in, such as e-mail marketing, search engine marketing or social media marketing. As such, text marketing is much cheaper than the other forms of advertising. Further, you can optimize the cost by choosing options like multi-forward, which is nothing but sending the text to many people at once. About 90% of the texts received are opened and read. So naturally, you stand a high chance of bringing your business in front of the eyes of the prospective customers.

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